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Cat Radiator 
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Burmese Love These!

"Thanks for the cat bed, Pablo and pedro love it."
Mawgan & Karl - UK

Charlie & Monty - the picture says it all - Ann UK
radiator bed
cat radiator bed
"They are an ingenious design" - Elaine Groome - UK

"They are truly wonderful." Vicky, Leicester

Our first hammock was such a success that we had to order another one for our other cat Brook - Allison & Wayne - UK

Just to let you know our pet hammocks arrived today, we have put them together and our cats love them! As do we! We had bought some cheaper ones from . . . .  but they soon fell apart. So glad we invested in these ones - they look great and are built to last. Thought you might like to see this picture - he absolutely loves his bed! X

The first image of a cat in a RadPet hammock other than our own cats. As a veterinary nurse Sam offered to test the design. He sure looks happy!!
Cat radiator bed

Thanks for the Cat Hammocks. Received, built and fully utilised. . . Yours are very easy to manage and I have spare covers as well so no messing about at all.
 Julian - Leeds
Cat radiator bed

Just got it, love it, thanks so much!!! 
 Grace - Stourbridge
Valentines gifts for cats

 I received my hammock yesterday, thanks so much!
 Big Ralph loves it, it's perfect for him, and Reggie even got a sneaky sleep on it when his brother wasn't watching!!!

cat radiator bed
"(Toffee & Pebbles) together on your superb hammock  " Paul - Bletchingly
Cat radiator be
cat radiator bed
"Ghengis loves his bed! I'm so pleased with the superb quality of the product. We have three cats and have bought two beds for them to share!"
Marianna & Mark.

"Harvey loving his bed!  Thank you so much it is perfect." - Avril - UK

The new beds have been an instant success.  Only 5 minutes after I finished assembling them, this was the result.
Cat radiator bed

Lorna from Glasgow offers new meaning to working with cats.
Dog radiator bed

Tim & Nic's Ming the comfort master

Jasper - Loving his bed! Helen - UK

Iggi - adopted from the RSPCA rescue centre and into the loving comfort of a RadPet hammock.
"I have just put it together and it fits PERFECTLY!  Also it only took Iggy about 10 mins to discover it......
11 out of 10! Thank you. 
Claire - London

"Just to say I received my RadPet radiator bed today- thankyou very much it is lovely!!"
Sandy MG

"Many thanks the bed has arrived safely and the 2 brothers couldn't be more happier."

"This pet hammock is the best pet hammock in the world. Utterly thrilled with it!"
Lydia - Lana Bambini

Love it. Really well made and went up easily.

Otis loves his bed and it is beautiful!

"My cats love their new RAD pet hammock. It arrived quickly, well packaged. The instructions were clear and it was easy to build. Very good,
sturdy materials too. We went for the cream fleece cover and the largest size and its perfect. Plenty of room for my two cats to relax.
Velcro particularly likes to rest her head on the corner whilst her back is snug and warm against the radiator. Thank you RADPET!"
Janet Taylor, Isle Of Man

Small dogs have fast metabolisms and can loose heat quickly - they like to be kept warm so radiator beds are a good solution (Can't promise the cat wont object). Not a good idea if your dog chews anything made with wood.
                           Product Advice
Any questions?  There is a contact form at the bottom of this page
Generally, cats like a hammock a little bigger than themselves as Bootsie demonstrates further down the page but, from the image on the below right, you can see that Peanut the squirrel is unlikely to get his hammock back any time soon.  It's a great example of how cats will take to a good quality hammock given half a chance. Using the tips below, you can  have the perfect hammock for your pet whilst fitting in with your space.


Hooks are made to requirement and so require a measurement from your host surface. A radiator panel, for example, will need to be measured from front to back of the panel (not to the wall) . Hooks for a single panel radiator will mostly fit drawers and other similar sized hosts. For a single panel, the thickness is usually between 1 and 2 cemtimetres but can be more. For a double panel radiator with a top grill you must measure from the front of the front panel to the back of the rear panel.  Strict accuracy is not necessary as the hooks have a 2cm thread and screws but you must measure to the the nearest centimeter in order to purchase the correct size hooks. If your hammock is for a cage, you don't need to measure, simply choose the "Cage Hook" option when ordering.

If you are purchasing for an under shelf radiator, you will need a clearance between the radiator and the shelf of at least 2.5cm.

For radiator guards, you will need a shelf clearance as mentioned above. Where there is an indent for the guard panels, a short or medium step is most suitable so the arms of the hammock sit flush against the radiator guard frame as seen in the image to the right. 


Bootsie demonstrates a more typical preference. She is a 14 ½ year old nearly 6kg cat who was injured when young and now has an artheritic rear leg. Like most cats she appreciates the warmth of the radiator and likes to be elevated. It's not on a high radiator but her hammock has a 22cm step to help her get to it without straining her leg. Being quite a large cat, she has  a 60cm x 33cm hammock area which she conveys is just the right size for her to find her favourite positions and to have a good stretch when she needs to. She often loves  lying on her side resting her head and feet on the ends and front corners where Rad Hammocks provide extra padding as standard. To acheive a similar fitting for your cat, your hammock should be about 5 -10 centimetres longer than your cat excluding  tail.
An idea of cost - with so many configurations, cost varies: A hammock precisely the same as Bootsie's, with hooks which fit up to 3cm host surface, costs £29.00. If it had a 15cm step it would be £27. With an 8cm step and a 5ocm width instead of 60cm, it would be £23.  It's easy to see the cost of your preference by choosing your sizes here.

The Step Depth

The step depth is the distance from the hooks to the shelf rim.

For low radiators such as those under low window sills, a short stepped hammock will sit high enough to rest against the radiator panel at a pleasant distance from the floor.

For older cats or high radiators you may wish to relieve the jumping needs by purchasing a hammock with a deeper step.

If your furniture confines your space around radiators you may find that a particular step depth suits your specific positioning circumstances. Similarly, where you might expect your pet to use furniture as an aid to navigate to its hammock, the step distance may make all the difference.

For use in cages and crates a low step will generally suffice. A deeper step will provide more support if cage panels are not of a strong enough veriety to support the weight of your pet without bowing.   It is not recommended that Rad Hammocks are used with flimsy cage panels housing anything other than small pets.

To hang on drawers in chests a low step is normally sufficient. When hanging on drawers consider which other drawers may need accessing and test how to access them before the hammocks use with your pet. NB Any chest hosting a hammock should not be light enough to tip and the drawer hosting the hammock must be pushed to almost closed once a hammock is hooked on it before your pet uses it. If you only have a very light chest, placing bottles of water in the bottom drawers until it is firmly grounded will ensure it wont tip.


Hammock Area Sling Shaping Adjustment
The sling area can be adjusted easily.  This can be adjusted to suit shaping preference for pet comfort or if you have your radiators boiling hot and would rather your hammock holds your cat  a little way away from the radiator, or if you have a heavy cat and the fabric stretches over time (which often suits a cat), you may want to take up the slack. The sling area can be adjusted by changing which of the loops on the loop rack are hooked up or by adjusting how much of the drape at the rear is tucked into the seat area. The single loops can go around the outside of the hammock rim before hooking (shallower at the back) or straight to the hook (deeper at the back).  Combinations or individually,  these methods will contribute to adjusting the depth of the seating area and/or shifting the central pit of the seat area from front to rear. With normal temperature radiators the most popular is to have the hammock a little deeper at the back. Pets in hammocks on walls may prefer a more central seating area if the walls are cold.

Radiator Undulation Variations
Most radiator undulations consist of pillars that are flush with the radiator frame with recessed grooves in between them. Occasionally pillars are are also recessed from the frame, in which case, please let us know in the special instructions field at checkout.

With Cages / Crates

Also see "The Step Depth" paragraph 4 above.

Pet guardians such as Quarantine, Catteries and Veterinary Practices can enjoy the benefits of freeing up cage/ pen floor space. With litter, food, water and bedding often being a difficult task to manage in the space of a cage, utilizing a side wall of the cage as a pet seating and sleeping area can be highly beneficial towards cage and pet cleaning as well as providing a dignified alternative to a cramped and often messy cage floor space for pets.

In distance transportation circumstances ,  both pet and owner can benefit from using Rad Hammock on a crate or cage panel for convenience, pet comfort and even health benefits.

Smaller pets  love their hammocks and often like to climb inside the hammock sheath for sleeping so that's the place to look if at a glance it seems an escape has taken place.
NB. For tight cage mesh its size is significant when purchasing. Please provide us with the cage mesh size in the special instructions field at checkout.

Cage fitting tip :
 Twist hooks upward before slotting them through the cage mesh. Then turn them downwards and fasten.

On Walls / Rad Bracket

There are many reasons for a pet in a hammock to take pride of place on a wall,  be it for long haired cats that would over heat in a hammock on a radiator or to ensure an elevated place where there may otherwise not be one or just a spot that offers a great view.  A wall hammock can make a good furniture saver or just be a better place than the floor in some areas.


If you are fixing a Rad Bracket to a plasterboard wall, you must make sure to screw it into the stud timber inside the wall.

Pet Therapists / Healers - Rad Hammocks provide an excellent support to your work with pets and full 360 degree hands on access for energy healers. A Rad Bracket enables you to choose the best area in your space for both you and patient.

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