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Cat Radiator 
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Burmese Love These!

"Thanks for the cat bed, Pablo and pedro love it."
Mawgan & Karl - UK

Charlie & Monty - the picture says it all - Ann UK
radiator bed
cat radiator bed
"They are an ingenious design" - Elaine Groome - UK

"They are truly wonderful." Vicky, Leicester

Our first hammock was such a success that we had to order another one for our other cat Brook - Allison & Wayne - UK

Just to let you know our pet hammocks arrived today, we have put them together and our cats love them! As do we! We had bought some cheaper ones from . . . .  but they soon fell apart. So glad we invested in these ones - they look great and are built to last. Thought you might like to see this picture - he absolutely loves his bed! X

The first image of a cat in a RadPet hammock other than our own cats. As a veterinary nurse Sam offered to test the design. He sure looks happy!!
Cat radiator bed

Thanks for the Cat Hammocks. Received, built and fully utilised. . . Yours are very easy to manage and I have spare covers as well so no messing about at all.
 Julian - Leeds
Cat radiator bed

Just got it, love it, thanks so much!!! 
 Grace - Stourbridge
Valentines gifts for cats

 I received my hammock yesterday, thanks so much!
 Big Ralph loves it, it's perfect for him, and Reggie even got a sneaky sleep on it when his brother wasn't watching!!!

cat radiator bed
"(Toffee & Pebbles) together on your superb hammock  " Paul - Bletchingly
Cat radiator be
cat radiator bed
"Ghengis loves his bed! I'm so pleased with the superb quality of the product. We have three cats and have bought two beds for them to share!"
Marianna & Mark.

"Harvey loving his bed!  Thank you so much it is perfect." - Avril - UK

The new beds have been an instant success.  Only 5 minutes after I finished assembling them, this was the result.
Cat radiator bed

Lorna from Glasgow offers new meaning to working with cats.
Dog radiator bed

Tim & Nic's Ming the comfort master

Jasper - Loving his bed! Helen - UK

Iggi - adopted from the RSPCA rescue centre and into the loving comfort of a RadPet hammock.
"I have just put it together and it fits PERFECTLY!  Also it only took Iggy about 10 mins to discover it......
11 out of 10! Thank you. 
Claire - London

"Just to say I received my RadPet radiator bed today- thankyou very much it is lovely!!"
Sandy MG

"Many thanks the bed has arrived safely and the 2 brothers couldn't be more happier."

"This pet hammock is the best pet hammock in the world. Utterly thrilled with it!"
Lydia - Lana Bambini

Love it. Really well made and went up easily.

Otis loves his bed and it is beautiful!

"My cats love their new RAD pet hammock. It arrived quickly, well packaged. The instructions were clear and it was easy to build. Very good,
sturdy materials too. We went for the cream fleece cover and the largest size and its perfect. Plenty of room for my two cats to relax.
Velcro particularly likes to rest her head on the corner whilst her back is snug and warm against the radiator. Thank you RADPET!"
Janet Taylor, Isle Of Man

Small dogs have fast metabolisms and can loose heat quickly - they like to be kept warm so radiator beds are a good solution (Can't promise the cat wont object). Not a good idea if your dog chews anything made with wood.

                                             Product Options

RadPet Hammocks are stylish and versatile. They suit many pets and thier varying sizes and also open doors to opportunities to place a bed in a variety of new locations around the home. We produce a full range of hooks so that they fit thin, fat, high, low, treble and column radiators together with various other objects which can be hooked over.  We produce a simple bracket for hanging a hammock on the wall or other vertical surfaces.

The image below shows the adaptable dimensions. Simply choose dimensions at the order stage.

The frames are made according to dimensions customers select in our shop. They are light, strong and made from responsibly sourced wood and alloy.
Brand new design -  small pet hammocks , cat hammocks, cat wall hammocks

Hooks are custom made in alloy, tighten for a stable fit and so suit the many thicknesses of radiators and other various host surfaces such as drawers and ends of beds. Hook are sleeved with clear plastic tubing.

Flush fit on chests and
Radiators, even with patterned grooves. Fitting under shelves is fine in most cases.

In cages.
On radiator covers.

Each cover is made to measure each hammock which completes the customized approach to every component of the product. . They are washable,  easy to fit and remove and offer variety in sling shaping and tension.   The  sides and front corners, where pets often like to rest their heads, are cushioned as standard.

Covers are available in a variety of styles and fabrics some of which are shown below. Many fabric options are offered as a standard purchase with a hammock with the option of a spare cover at reduced price. Further fabric options are available in the dedicated Covers section of our shop.

Wall hammocks have heals and simply hang from our brackets. The hammock can be removed as easily as lifting it from a radiator.
Rad  Bracket on a wall. (inset - hammock heal)

Rad Hammock on a wall. Heals come with the bracket.

The below wall hammock, with luxury Sherpa fleece cream coloured cover, has a width of 50cm,  a step of 8cm and protrudes 30cm.  Prices adjust with size and fabric but as a guide, for that configuration wall bed you currently pay £38.50 in total.  That kind of value is only possible due to our unique production facilities.

"Mia loves her new hammock, the only time she doesn't sleep in it is to sleep next to me when I go to bed as she's done ever since she was a kitten. But now I've found she's been sneaking out in the middle of night to get in her hammock!"  Ashlee, Northampton.

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